Here are three of my favourite tech terms of late:

The Chaos Monkey

Faulty is the natural state of technology. Of course we must always strive for error-free environments but the chances to excel in large IT structures is not in error-prevention, it’s in error-management. That’s why I was so delighted to read about the Netflix Chaos Monkey. Netflix has created an application that randomly shuts down servers, databases and environments to create real, unexpected failures. That way they won’t have to wait for the dung to hit the fan – they can have the monkey throwing feces 24/7!

Bus factor

How many people in your project or team need to get hit by a bus for the project to fail? How distributed is your knowledge and how vulnerable is your product? Check out the book Team Geek for more insights and quotes.

Anti-corruption layer

This is not a police term, although I suppose that technically it’s what Eliot Ness and the likes applied. The anti-corruption layer derives from DDD and the term means protecting your data model from alien concepts. If you want a truly autonomous data model that you and you alone govern and scale, you need to protect it from the language of other systems. Or to put it this way: If you want to speak good French and Spanish it’s easier to learn one language and then the other, instead of conquering both languages simultaneously. I simply love this term. Let’s pretend I was selling you a car and asked you:

”Do you also want the anti-corruption layer with that?”

Who could say no to that?!

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Mer tech

Back in early 2015, we got spurious reports of web users experiencing Blank white pages. That is pages with no error message, content, or styling what so ever. At first, we didn’t take it too seriously writing it off as connection issues. But after a couple of bosses and power users said they were seeing this issue on a daily basis while on wifi or connected to LAN we had to prioritize it.