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Current thesis propositions

Automatic Fact Checking (Master)

There have been many recent controversies about the substance of news items. Discussions about "fake" news have taken place in many Swedish discussion forums and media channels. With the abundance of digital information to choose from, informed decision making becomes more and more time consuming for the reader. Therefore there seems to be a need for fact checkers which could pre-filter, -sort and -compare information in order to debunk false claims rapidly and assist decision making for the reader.

Past thesis work done at MittMedia

Sentiment analysis (Master)

Sentiment analysis is a field in the area of text mining, concerned with the classification of subjective expressions from written text. The research goal was to design, instantiate and evaluate a Swedish sentiment classification model using a Support Vector Machine algorithm (SVM).

Author: Michelle Ludovici - 2016

Geolocation through peer data (Master)

Description and file will be updated when available.

Author: Pontus Ekholm - 2016

Other projects and events


MittMedia is participating in the next SIMS (Student Innovation Mid Sweden) project. This is an interdisciplinary course (15hp) for students within the last year of their Swedish Bachelor of Science and Master programs in which they develop a product for a company. Updates will follow here.


Good news! MittMedia would like to revive the Midhack project this year! MittMedia together with Mid Sweden University are hosting a 24 hour interdisciplinary hackathon (probably in November) where students of different programs are welcome. There are no entry requirements, you do not need to be an expert or a programmer to participate! We'll keep you up to date at once we have decided the how and when.


MittMedia has also signed a Kompetenskontrakt, an agreement in which MittMedia offers thesis propositions, practical assignments, inspiration talks and jobs.


MittMedia participated at this year's SAAM student fair. Feel free to visit our booth next year as well, to get to know us and ask questions :)

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